St. Kitts


My wife and I recently had an opportunity to take a vacation to St. Kitts. We left our cold, cloudy Indiana home and were whisked away to the Caribbean.


The Island of St. Kitts (formally Saint Christopher Island) is part of the sovereign nation of St. Kitts and Nevis located in the West Indies. Both the island of St. Kitts and the island of Nevis are volcanic.


Looking south from the beach at South Frigate Bay, one can see the island of Nevis in the distance.



Sunrise is a great time for capturing pictures of the surf on the rocks!


As expected in tourist areas, lots of roadside vendors are selling souvineirs and food items. This Rastafarian was selling “fresh sugar cane.”



From this vantage point on the island, you can see the Atlantic Ocean (to the left) and the Caribbean Sea (to the right). You can also see the island of Nevis in the distance.


Looking the other way from the same vantage point, you can see the Marriott Resort and South Frigate Bay.


Red Ginger at the Romney Manor Botanical Gardens





Bougainvillea at the Romney Manor Botanical Gardens.




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