Butterweed and Barbed Wire

Butterweed has been all over Indiana this year. I found a huge spray of them on a back country road a couple of weeks ago and had to snap a few pictures. The sun was setting and the light just kept getting better and better.


The first few I took still had the sun setting in the background. This made the light a little harsh, but added a nice contre-jour effect.


The lane led up a little hill, so I used the shadow of the hill to my advantage. There were so many flowers along this stretch, that I could walk up and down the hill and chose the right kind of light. In this image, I tried to capture the road to add to the interest and tell part of the story.


My goal was to contrast the sharp barbed wire with the soft flowers. I hoped the two distinct thoughts would spur and emotion in the viewer and (as always) start to tell a story.


My favorite images were taken after the sun had sunk well below the horizon. The light was perfect and my patience had paid off. At this point I had been shooting for about 40 minutes, but I was glad that I waited.

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