About Me

I was first introduced to fine art photography when my father let me borrow his Canon AE-1 for a photography competition at school. Back in those days, 35mm film (and the development) was expensive for a high school student. But I found myself drawn to photography in spite of the cost. I shot several rolls of film and an older friend and mentor helped me select a photo to submit. I remember watching him develop the photos in his darkroom and showing my different tricks to enhance the look of the image. I ended up placing third in the statewide competition and I was hooked for life.

Charles 2x2Since that time, I have had a passion for fine photography, although it has been overshadowed by other responsibilities. I am a business owner, husband and father of four. I have been blessed with a successful business and as my kids are growing up I have had more time to devote to my pursuit of photography.

My dream job is to create photos that show people the beauty of God’s creation.  I enjoy nature and macro photography, but I am always trying to expand my horizons.

Currently in my bag is a Sony a7Riii. I do my best to stay up to date with new technology and I am always looking for new ways to improve.

I would love to hear from you. You can email me here.